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Things to do While in Quarantine with the Family

Since outdoor activities are very limited during this pandemic, people are starting to run out of things to do at home. Although we still maintain our daily routines such as online school and working from home, it’s still nice to do other activities to kill time. Here are 5 things to do during quarantine with the family!

1. Movie Night With The Archive Club

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When you’re stuck at home during quarantine with your family, you can now take a drive down memory lane and have movie night with footages of your old camcorder playing! The Archive Club is a professional digitising service based in Australia specialised in converting VHS to Digital, VHS to DVD. Not only VHS, you can convert BetaMax, DVCAM, or MiniDV into USB, CD/DVD or have them email you with the digitised version. This way, you make sure that your old tapes will be stored forever digitally so you can easily rewatch them in the future. Gather everyone in the living room, grab a popcorn and start your drive down memory lane!

2. Game Night

Family Board Games things to Do During Quarantine With The Family

You can never go wrong with playing fun family games. It suits all ages and everyone can participate. During quarantine, you can arrange a game night with your family. You can play board games, such as Monopoly, Jenga and Connect Four. You can also arrange a scavenger hunt, pictionary, charades and many more!

3. Cooking

cooking with the family, things to do during quarantine with the family

Food is something that most people love and enjoy. Eating itself is very normal and ordinary. Cooking, however, is a really wholesome activity to do together as a family. After deciding what to cook, you and your family can assign tasks to each individual or do every step together. Remember, you don’t have to take it so seriously and make it perfect, it’s all about the quality time you can have with your family! Be sure to keep an eye on the kids!

4. Arts and Crafts

arts and craft with the family, things to do during quarantine with the family

When it comes to art, there are no rules. Which is why it is so fun, easy, and can even be stress-relieving. You can do so many artsy things with your family, such as painting, decorating, DIY-ing, and many more. You can make new paintings with your family to hang on the walls of your home, you can also paint old shoes or clothes and make them look brand new. Decorating the house with DIY knick-knacks is a fun activity and can give your house a new vibe or fresh look. There are so many things you can experiment with when it comes to art. Use your imagination!

5. Family Picnic

family picnic, things do during quarantine with the family

Picnic is an activity that people do to spend time with their loved ones, you can talk, eat, enjoy the breeze, and relax. You can arrange a picnic in your backyard with your family by presenting the food a little different than usual - like putting them inside a basket, making a cheese platter, and many more. Don't forget the decorations, and you definitely can splurge if you want to!

Spending time with your family is very important, especially during this pandemic where a lot of people are not able to be with their loved ones. So, it’s always a good idea to find things to do with your family to make this quarantine a little more bearable.

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