• Valene Marsolais

5 Best Gifts for Parents in Australia

Everyone has a hard time picking out gifts for their parents. Whether it’s their birthday, anniversary or just a gift in general, you would want to give something memorable and useful. When it comes to gift inspiration, we’ve listed 5 best gifts to get for your parents to help you decide:

1. A drive down memory lane with The Archive Club!

video digitizing service VHS to DVD and VHS to Digital

The Archive Club is a professional digitising service based in Australia. You can take your parents on a drive down memory lane by restoring their old video tapes, so you can easily recall and share memories. Whether it’s VHS, BetaMax, DVCAM, or MiniDV, you can easily convert those tapes into USB, CD/DVD or have them email you with the digitised version. Your parents might have forgotten about those tapes, but you can throw a surprise popcorn party and watch old memories of your parents with the whole family. Be sure to record their reaction because it will be priceless.

2. Beautiful hampers from The Hamper Emporium

hampers gift for parents

Who doesn’t love their occasional snacking with a bottle of wine or champagne in their hands? When it comes to choosing the perfect gift basket as a present, The Hamper Emporium has the biggest curated list of hampers to choose from. From champagne, wine, chocolates, to notebooks and perfumes, The Hamper Emporium got you covered. Be sure to know what they like and don’t like before choosing the gift basket!

3. Weekend Getaway with The Ultimate Winery Experience

winery tour gift for parents

Awesome views, good wine = ultimate relaxation. Your parents have worked really hard to get where they are today, and it’s good to reward them with a day off to relax. The Ultimate Winery Experience is here to help you do exactly that. You can spoil your parents with a day tour of wineries in your area, where they can enjoy a day of wine tasting, have lunch and have a tour of the winery. If you’d like to splurge, you can get them a three-day private tour. A day spent to relax is a day well spent.

4. Custom made items from The Personalised Gift Shop

custom sign gift for parents

Personalised gifts are memorable, and it shows how much effort you put in to get your parents the perfect gift. You can get a mug that says “BEST DAD EVER” or a phone casing with a picture of you and your mom in it, and they’ll still use it every day proudly. You can get your personalised gifts from The Personalised Gift Shop, where they have lots of items to choose from. From custom fridge magnet to personalised cocktail shaker, they have it all. Time to get creative!

5. Surprise Party!

suprise party for parents gifts

You can never go wrong with a surprise party. Surprise parties can be done at home to minimise costs, or you can rent a venue. Either have a big party or just a couple of family and friends, you decide! You can put yourselves in your parent’s shoes when organising the party, from what the food will be, how the decorations will look, to what types of music will be playing. This way, you can impress your parents by organising everything to their liking. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures so you can easily share memories in the future of the surprise party that YOU made for them!

At the end of the day, it’s the effort that counts. No matter what type of gift you give your parents, we’re pretty sure that they’ll be happy upon receiving it. Got ideas on other gifts that will be memorable and useful for your parents?

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