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Our USB cases allow you to write a personalised message. For YouTube we upload the videos onto a private YouTube page, so you can easily share with friends and family.

We transfer VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Mini DV, Mini HDV, DVCAM, and Betamax onto a free USB cassette. Choose whether you want to create a DVD-Video and/or upload it to YouTube.

One 90min tape will fit onto one DVD. If your tapes are much longer than 90mins we will treat it as an extra tape. For example a 120min tape is charged as two tapes and a 4 hour tape (240min tape) will be charged as 3 tapes. Therefore each subsequent 90mins will be charged as an additional tape. If you are unsure of the duration of your tape then we will check it open receiving it and notify you if we were to charge you the extra amount.

Aside from Tape transfer to USB, we also provide services which includes :
USB Cassette : VHS to USB Cassette
Tape Cleaning : Tape Cleaning
We specifically cater the conversion of VHS to Digital all around Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
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