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Why not transfer it myself?

Of course you can always dust off an old VHS player, buy some cheap converter and connect it up to your computer. However, it is a time consuming process and we know all too well the technical difficulties that can be encountered. The other benefit of ordering with us it that we use professional grade hardware to make sure we get the best quality possible out of your tapes.

Can I get my order fast tracked?

Yes! Please contact us directly to find out how fast we can turn it around and to get a quote.

Why is it important to convert my tapes?

Tapes are susceptible to deterioration and do not last forever. Therefore, it is important to create a digital file, to back them up on a physical device (USB or hard drive) and lastly back them up online. If you kept your tapes in damp, humid conditions, they are likely to deteriorate at a faster rate and can grow traces of mould. As a general rule of thumb it is said that tapes deteriorate at a rate of 10-25% every 10-25 years so we recommend converting them as soon as possible.

How long will it take before I receive my order?

We post your order after 2-3 weeks.

How will I know if my tapes are mouldy?

If you take your tapes out of their sleeve and see a chalky, white substance (see image below) around the spools then that is most likely mould. Mould can have a dramatic effect on the quality of the video and audio. We do provide a cleaning service for this and will do our best to restore the video as best we can.

How will I be able to use the USB?

You can plug your USB into a Mac or PC and play the video using most video player software like Quicktime or VLC. You can also plug it into a Smart TV that is USB ready and play it off there.

How can I create a backup file?

The file on your USB can easily be backed up by copying and pasting it onto another USB, computer or hard drive device.

Can the footage be edited?

We will trim the beginning and ends to all captured videos. If you would like blank sections edited out, colour adjustments, audio levels fixing or a short edited video then please get in touch with us directly for a quote.

What happens if I lose my USB?

After delivering you the USB we delete any footage from your order after 1 month. So if you lose your USB after 1 month then we do not have a backup of your file. We recommend making as many backups as you can. We also have the option of backing up your file on YouTube, which we highly recommend incase you do lose the USB.

What happens if my tapes are lost in the mail?

It is your responsibility to post the tapes and we recommend you pay for recorded mail and a tracking service when you send them to us.

Can I get duplicate USBs or DVDs made?

Yes. Please look at options in the store or email us for a further quote.

What will the video quality be like?

All tapes vary in quality especially if they haven't been stored well. However, VHS tapes were originally recorded at a pixel ratio of 720 x 576 (PAL), and if you compare that to HD video cameras today that shoot at 1920 x 1080 or 4k cameras at 3840 x 2160 then it is vastly different.

Do you transfer NTSC videos?


How do I find out my tape's duration?

If you can't find any evidence of tape duration or unable to play the tape to check it then we will double check everything when it comes in and let you know if there is any additional cost. So for the time being presume it is less than 90 minutes.